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#Company Introduction
Established in 2007, Inje has concentrated on developing advanced products based on convergence integration technology suchas compressor, suction, sterilized water system, with multiple application experience in medical and dental business. With the passion we`ve had for creating world class products since our foundation, we have concentrated on localization of cutting edge dental equipment by focusing on research and development in dental industry.
Inje has developed portable dental unit since 2015. We expect this will to be a core business in the future, the first in the world. Inje's portable dental unit has been earned a considerable reputation for creating a newparadigm of dental equipment for the world

#Main Product
1) Portable dental unit
2) Dental compressor
3) Dental vacuum pump
4) Sterilized water system


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Etableringsår 2009
Co.Registration No 119-15-28456
Virksomhedstype Hovedkontor
Fax +82 31 4722808
Hjemmeside http://www.injemedi.co.kr/


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