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Genan A/S
World's largest tyre recycling company
Genan is the largest scrap tyre recycler in the world, counting four large recycling plants in Europe
and the largest tyre recycling plant worldwide in Houston, Texas, USA.
It is Genan's vision that all scrap tyres in the world should be recycled in the environmentally
and economically most beneficial way. Today, a large share of the scrap tyres in the world end up
being incinerated in cement kilns, or disposed of in landfills or civil engineering operations,
where the superior materials of scrap tyres are not recovered to replace new virgin material.

Comprehensive life cycle assessment studies have shown that significant environmental benefits
in areas like greenhouse gas emissions, acidification and fossil fuel demand are achieved if scrap
tyres are recycled through the Genan concept instead of incinerated or used in civil engineering
filling operations. Compared to other disposal methods, material recycling through the Genan
concept saves 1-2 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of scrap tyres.

Genan's recycling technology was originally developed in 1990 and has undergone continuous
development ever since. Scrap tyres are separated into their basic components: rubber powder
and granulate, steel and textile. The end products are uniform and clean and therefore very well
suited for high quality substitution applications, such as asphalt and bitumen modification,
which makes roads stronger and longer lasting. This leads to saved maintenance costs and less
time spent on repair works. The use of Genan's rubber powder in asphalt and bitumen modification
prevents the production of virgin alternative modifiers like styrene-butadiene-styrene.

Recycled rubber granulate is also being used as high-quality infill material for artificial turf pitches.
The use of artificial turf is highly recommended by international soccer organizations such as FIFA,
since it helps the development of football in all parts of the world and provides the opportunity for
players to play all year round at low maintenance costs.

At the Genan plant in Viborg, a new production line for very fine cryogenic rubber powder is in
operation. This ultrafine powder may substitute virgin material in numerous different applications;
- e.g. in the tyre industry, thus resulting in cradle-to-cradle recycling.

The only limit is your imagination...

Artificial turf
Asphalt and bitumen
New tyres
Fine rubber powder applications
Rubber powder
Rubber granulate

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